Ready to meet your photographer?

Hello. I'm Lucie.

I'm a photographer. Passionate, dog-approved and overflowing with creativity.

I will likely cry when you exchange your vows and I will almost certainly climb onto things and shuffle furniture around to get ‘the’ shot for you.

If I had to describe my style I think I would say it’s a mix of documentary/relaxed and alternative. I love people watching and to me candids are the best way to tell the story of your wedding day. I capture real, unposed, unexpected moments and all the little details that took you months to plan.

I call myself an unconventional Wedding Photographer because I have a thing for alternative/unconventional couple portraits. I like weird angles, shooting through stuff, reflections, movement… I can get very creative but I want you to have fun in the process. So there will be no awkward posing looking straight at the camera with a fake smile. I’ll tell you where to stand and I’ll make you laugh so I can capture real smiles and laughter.

I capture the love, the laughter, the tears and all the special moments that you will want to remember forever…

I don't shoot what it looks like.

I shoot what it feels like.

Get to know me

Stuff I like

My other half: Greg
He’s awesome. He makes me laugh, fully supports me and my business, gives the best back tickles and just makes me so happy. He’s also a great photographer, in fact he’s my second shooter. Most photos of me on this website were taken by him!
So expensive but soooooo beautiful! Been twice and most definitely will go back to do the full circle. There is SO MUCH to see and it’s honestly a photographer’s dream.
My cat: Sia
I know what you’re thinking “she calls herself ‘dog-approved’ and she has a CAT?!”. But you haven’t met Sia. She greets me eagerly when I come home, follows me around the house and asks for cuddles ALL the time. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really a dog trapped in the body of a cat.
My parent's puppy: Lovney
I told you I love dogs! Despite the fact that she absolutely cannot catch a ball she's the cutest, most excitable, softest puppy ever and I wish I could bring her home with me.
Sunrises & Sunsets
I’m not a morning person, far from it, but if there’s a chance for a nice sunrise and I’m near a cool location I will wake up at 4pm, take the bus across Sydney and shoot sunrise (true story). Same applies for sunset, except I’m usually already awake around that time.
Family reunions
Living in a different country than your family can be hard but it makes family reunions that extra special. Plus my parents live in the Alps, my sister in Paris and my half sisters in Calgary and Quebec. So I get to travel to awesome places when I visit them!

I’m based in Essex, Colchester to be precise, but don’t think for one second that I won’t follow you to the other side of the world to photograph your wedding.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to choosing your photographer, but if you want amazing wedding photos AND to have an awesome time then there’s only one option really… Hire me!

I have travelled to 27 countries (last I checked) and know how to find the best locations to make your wedding as memorable as it deserves to be, whether you’re getting married down the road from me or hundreds of miles away.

Let’s make some magic happen!


Sha Lynn & Theo

"My husband doesn’t enjoy taking photos too much but he was so relaxed around Lucie and her assistant that he started having fun even! Lucie had some amazing ideas and she also encouraged my husband and I to have fun"

Alice & Marvin

"Travailler avec Lucie était un véritable plaisir, elle a su nous mettre à l’aise et organiser la séance de manière fun et efficace ! Je la recommande vivement pour son magnifique travail, je suis ravie"

Jane & Will

"Lucie & Greg were fantastic, they made the day stress free and fun and took exceptional photos that has given us memories of a lifetime. Would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a wedding photographer"

Yalda & Roland

"Wow!!! What an amazing experience my fiancé and I had with Lucie! I’m so happy with my engagement photos and definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a talented photographer who has a great eye and will capture the best moments!"