Milky Way sessions


WTF are these?

A 15 minute session where I'll take a few photos of you in a couple of different poses, with/without flash depending on the location and lighting


A couple of awesome shots of you in front of the Milky Way

On a moonless summer night

A dark location in Essex away from light pollution, with a clear view of the sky (suggestions welcome!)

Because this year has been a bit shit and I want you to have something to look forward to and a nice picture to hang on your wall





Free session for all my current couples who have had to postpone their wedding to 2021

Haven't postponed your wedding to 2021? Not one of my current couples? Click here to see my introductory price!

We'll book your session on a moonless night and pick a dark location away from light pollution. Your session will have to start after 11pm to ensure the sky is dark and the Milky Way has 'risen'.

Greg and I will arrive at the location around 30 minutes before your session to set up. We'll find the perfect spot, set up our tripod and flash and take a few test shots before you arrive so you don't have to wait around while we do this.

When you get there, we'll tell you where to stand, what pose to do and ask you not to move for 10 seconds at a time (this is important because to get these kind of pictures we need to do long exposures and if you move you will be blurry!). We'll try a couple of different poses, check we're happy with the results and then you can go. The session should last around 15 minutes.

If the Milky Way isn't visible or the weather is bad we will have to re arrange the session!

what to expect

15 min session

Up to 3 images



the small bang

15 min session

Up to 3 images

One 20x30 metal print 


the medium bang

15 min session

Up to 3 images

One 40x60 metal print 


The big bang

This option is FREE for all my current couples who have had to postponed their wedding to 2021!


How much does this cost?

Let's do this!

(drop me a quick email and I'll send you a code to use when you book)