Ready to make the best investment in your life?

Yep, wedding photos are an investment. They're the only thing you'll have left after your wedding (I mean you might still have your wedding dress/outfit but it's not like you can wear it to work) and the best way to remember and look back on all those happy memories.

Here's some bullet points about me (because who doesn't like bullet points?):

- I love photography (duh);

- I'm French. No I don't have a French accent, yes I speak fluent French, and I think and dream mainly in English;

- I'm obsessed with cactuses and succulents;

- I have a weird sense of humour, a mix of sarcasm, bad jokes and self depreciating humour;

- I've watched Friends at least 4 times (maybe 5?);

- I'm always cold. You'd think growing up in the Alps would have given me some sort of resistance to cold, but nope, unless it's 25+ degrees always assume I'm cold;

- I used to be a lawyer (I have a law degree!);

- I'm vegetarian (although I eat fish so I'm technically pescetarian);

- I watch a lot of films/series. We have a 65" 4k TV and recliner sofa so this is where I spend lot of my free time. 

- I love dogs AND cats. Yes it's possible! 
- I hated the ending to Game of Thrones, still not over it.

My awesome partner, both in life and in business. If you book one of my collections with a second photographer or with videography he will be the face behind the second (and third and possibly fourth) camera.

And this is


I'm a photographer.

Passionate, dog approved and not afraid to get muddy.

hello I'm Lucie

I LOVE maps. I have maps everywhere at home. Boxes with map patterns, scratching maps (yes I have more than one), vintage decorative map, cork board map with flag pins (my favourite)...

Fact #1: I have a thing for maps

Ask Greg, he found out the hard way. He thought it would be a good idea to turn the music off as I was singing my lungs out on a high note I could never dream of hitting. Hilarity (and a little embarrassment) ensued.

Fact #2: I can't sing

I start packing a week in advance, I use packing blocks to organise my suitcase and could not live without my 'Pack This!' Knock Knock Pad (check it out). I also pack for Greg because it stresses me out too much that he packs last minute.

Fact #3: I'm an organisation freak

3 random facts about me

Get to know me

I shoot what it feels like

I don't shoot what it looks like

Full day coverage
Sneak peek

All edited images*

1 cinemagraph

Second photographer

Premium photo album

Engagement session

Highlights video

£2695 FOR 2021 // £2795 FOR 2022

The Whole Shebang

From getting ready until the dancing starts

28x28cm album, 24 spreads

Click here for examples!

1 hour session, all edited images*

Full day coverage

Sneak peek
All edited images*

1 cinemagraph
Second photographer

Photo album

£2095 FOR 2021 // £2195 FOR 2022

The Full Story

From getting ready until the dancing starts

19x19cm album, 12 spreads

Click here for examples!

Full day coverage

Sneak peek
All edited images*

1 cinemagraph  

£1795 FOR 2021 // £1895 FOR 2022

The Simple One


All edited images*

£200 per hour

The Hour by Hour

Min 2 hours max 5 hours
Available Mon-Fri or off season

£200 Essex // £300 London

Engagement Session


Highlights Video

1 hour session,
Approx. 30 edited images*

3-5 minutes highlights video to music

From £60

Milky Way Session

Click here to learn more!

*I go through all the photos, keep only the best ones (I delete the duplicates, blinkers and blurs…) and edit them before uploading them onto your gallery.


Extended Highlights

3-5 minutes highlights video 

Full video of the ceremony

Full video of the speeches

with music and audio from the ceremony/speeches

with music and audio

with music and audio


Feature Film

3-5 minutes highlights video 

Full video of the ceremony

Full video of the speeches

20-30 minute feature film

with music and audio

with music and audio

with music and audio

with music and audio

Up to 5 hours coverage
Sneak peek

All edited images*

£695 FOR 2020 // £795 FOR 2021

The Micro Wedding

Ideal for small/intimate weddings

of approx. 30 images within 48hrs

in your own online gallery + a slideshow

in your own online gallery + a slideshow

of approx. 30 images within 48hrs

of approx. 30 images within 48hrs

of approx. 15 images within 48hrs

in your own online gallery + a slideshow

in your own online gallery + a slideshow


Album upgrade

Upgrade your complimentary photo album to the premium album: bigger album with double the number of pages!

28x28cm album with 24 spreads

in your own online gallery + a slideshow


From getting ready until the dancing starts

3-5 minute highlights video to music

Click here for examples!

More angles, more photos

More angles, more photos

For elopements and intimate weddings
(up to 30 people)
Available Mon-Fri or off season

Password protected online portal where you can access your contract, invoices, update your contact info, add useful links and notes that you'd like to share with me, and once your photos are ready you will have access to your gallery and album proof. All in one place!

online portal

Pay any amount, any time! Most suppliers will require full payment a month before your wedding. That's a lot of money to save and pay on the same day so to make things easier you can pay any amount towards your balance at any time (30% booking fee must be paid upon booking, outstanding balance must be paid by 4 weeks before the wedding)

Flexible payments

All your edited images will be uploaded onto your own online gallery. You can share images to Instagram/Facebook straight from the gallery and share the link with your guests. Anyone with the link can download all the images in high res, play a slideshow and order prints straight from the gallery.

online gallery

Booking perks

Making your life easier

Refer me to friends & family and you will both receive a free poster print of your choice (provided the person referred books me, print to be ordered within 1 month of the shoot date, photo to be chosen from existing gallery)

Referral programe

The Photo Album

What does it look like?

A gorgeous square layflat photo album printed on high end matte paper presented in a handmade natural linen and black leather box with a satin ribbon to pull the album out (I have non leather option available if you're vegetarian/vegan!)

The complimentary album is 19 x 19 cm and includes 12 spreads (40 to 60 images). The premium album is  28 x 28 cm and includes 24 spreads (80 to 120 images).

The Cinemagraph

Basically a moving picture. Pretty awesome right?


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the online gallery look like?

Great question! Have a look at this recent gallery as an example. This was small (but full day) winter wedding.

Do you do formal/group photos?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: I do take group photos but I always recommend limiting these to 5-10 groups. Otherwise it can be a nightmare to organise and you will get bored of standing and smiling straight at the camera very quickly. Plus your guests will probably look at the group photos once, think ‘Oh that’s nice’ and move on to the rest of the (much more interesting and fun) photos of the day.

We have no idea what we're doing, how does this all work?

I get you. You just got engaged and have no idea where to start and what to expect. I, on the other hand, have done this countless times so I am here to help every step of the way.

Have a look at my wedding process

Why are your prices so bloody expensive??

Because I don’t just take photos… Check out my blog post ‘Why is wedding photography so expensive’

How much is your booking fee?

I take a 20% booking fee to secure the date and the balance is due 1 month before your wedding. But I offer flexible payments so as long as the booking fee has been paid and the balance is paid by the due date you can pay any amount any time!

Do you edit the photos?

Yes! Each and every one of the images delivered to you will have been carefully edited to look the best it can. More on my editing style & process on my ‘The small print’ page.

When and how do you deliver photos?

How would you like it if I said you get a sneak peek of around 30 photos within 48 HOURS of you wedding?? That way you can share the highlights of your big day with your guests before you’re off to your honeymoon!

I try and have the rest of the photos ready within 4-8 weeks of the wedding depending on how busy I am.

All edited images are delivered via an online gallery available for download.

More questions? Click below to read the small print:

small print

Tell me all about your crazy wedding plans, or what series you're currently binge watching on Netflix, what your favourite food is, how much you love Harry Potter...

I'll get back to you as soon as I can to confirm if I'm available on your date and answer any questions you might have.

1- Fill in the form

We'll schedule a skype call or arrange to meet for coffee (or a glass of wine!) so we can get to know each other and make sure we are a perfect fit.

I will ask you loads of questions about you, your story, your wedding plans and then I'll tell you a little bit about how I work and what to expect before during and after your wedding.

2- let's chat

Yay we're a perfect fit! So now it's time to get all the boring paperwork out of the way and make it official.

I'll send you an online booking proposal with a summary of all your options and a contract.

Once you've selected your options, signed the contract and paid the booking fee I will block your date in my diary. A whole day reserved JUST FOR YOU.

3- Booking you in

Ready for your own unique wedding photos worth hanging on your wall?